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My word for 2023 is TRUST.

Trusting to me is believing that life has our best interest at heart.

It’s healthy to remind myself I’m here for a reason and anything I want I can have. I’m here rolling with what’s taking place on my life path and loving with all my heart.

I’m trusting that every room I walk into that I was sent there for a reason, that everything I’m waiting for is worth it & coming at the perfect time & no matter what choice I make it is the right one. I trust in my own decisions ~ big and small.

There's a lot that confuses me about the world and life in general. I don't get it and it frustrates me to not fully understand this world. I've decided to make it my goal to be okay with not getting it. I'm challenging myself as I go through this season of owning my own business, starting new things, and messing up that no matter what, I trust it. Everything is up leveling me to be the best version of myself, and you too. We are here to enjoy. Stressing out restricts us from feeling happiness, so lets collectively make it our intent to stop stressing out and go with the flow. Make it your intent to trust with me.

I know there is always more to understand and lots of growing to do. I’m trusting that everything I need to hear, remember, and say this year is surround with so much love & light.

I want to focus on trusting my path and I’m dedicating every day to that. Happy 2023 I’m glad you are on this earth with me!

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