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Being confident in your life

Every day I am becoming more aware, more loving, and more confident in the person I'm becoming and the life I am creating. It all starts with awareness - where are you putting your energy? What are you giving your attention to? Are you living a life that feels good to you? Not just looks good, but FEELS good. Emotional intelligence is this knowing that your world belongs to you. How you feel, respond, and think is all up to you.

We each hold a lot of power, especially with this deep knowing that everything we feel and respond to is completely up to us.

Having a good day? You decided that.

Having a bad day? You decided that.

It's time to start speaking boldly over our life. Once you start to observe yourself and what is going on in your inner world, you'll have the ability to master it. So lets start today.

Decide right now to release anything that is bringing you down.

Decide right now to love the way you look.

Decide right now to be confident in the way you carry yourself.

Decide right now to love your life and get excited about your growth.

What happened even a second ago doesn't define you.

What has happened, has happened and its in the past. You don't have time to sit around and carry it with you. Get yourself together and get confident.

You are brand new every single moment.

You can decided new every single moment.

I want to remind you that you can still be highly confident and full of love and have bad days. You will not always feel amazing all the time, but part of knowing your confidence is realizing that. Shake it off. Do everything in your power to shake off energy that doesn't serve you :)

-Move / Dance - We hold every emotion in our body so this is an essential part of releasing.

-Journal - Writing down what you want to manifest holds some serious power. Just ask me how many times I wrote down "I Manifested my dream home and I am so happy!" (30times a day for over 2 years and I get the keys next month.)

Even just writing down "Great blessings are headed my way" holds a ton of power!

-Meditate - Getting quiet with your spirit is perhaps the most important thing we will do in this life.

There's a lot of moments in life that your confidence / energy can lack. I'm gonna give you some examples of what I have gone through & how I have overcome / talked myself into a happy place. Most of the time I do write myself a letter and get to the root of things and how I could not care so much, but saying out loud and just manifesting a new world holds just as much power!

- Struggling with lack of people coming to class

I actually started my writing myself a letter. Reassuring my soul that I am on the right path and I am meant to have this studio/teach. Hype myself up a lot. And then journaled "All of my classes get full. I find my yoga community and I am so happy!" One time I journaled this and my class went from 2 people to 14 in less than 8 hours. That's power. I still have 1 person in my class sometimes, but I never let it get me down. I am confident with one person or 15 people because I know that I am connection with other souls and getting to move in a beautiful space. I am confident because I know that is temporary and my community is going to be here soon enough, so Im just enjoying my 1 on 1 time. Having fun no matter what :)

-Struggling with my relationship with my Family

Oh man, I don't even want to get into this fully or feel its appropriate, but my family can be very toxic. On both sides we have a lot of anger, disrespect, and negativity. I completely cut my brother off and if you want to know my mom and I's relationship well that depends on the week lol. I'm still learning how to deal with this, but I feel like just being confident around your boundaries is perfect. Love from afar if you need to.

-Struggling with space next door

We are connected to Crowley Nutrition, and as much as I love everyone being able to get a drink after class. The music, blenders, and people talking 0n the other side of the wall can be a distraction. I've tried sound panels, white noise, turning my music up, etc.

At the beginning I could feel myself getting annoyed with every little noise. I am not one who cares about things like that, but I found myself suddenly caring. I want this studio to be peaceful and this wasn't it. It's been almost 4 months and I can proudly say that I can finally ignore the talking, blenders, people, all of it. I can say to my class "come back to your breath" with ease. I can teach a whole class and hear a noise and now I just smile/laugh.

I can see that this space is temporary. Either we will take over that side one day or we will move locations, but regardless of what happens - I will enjoy my time here and I refuse to struggle over something that is a part of life (noise.) If anything, this just helps us come into our yoga practice and become more mindful! I allowed this to be a struggle when it never needed to be.

-Struggling with friends leaving me out

I feel very close connections to my friends and it takes a lot for me to walk out of a friendship, but in this particular situation I felt like I needed to. I put my hand on my heart and just asked for signs... Got them with ease! You can love from afar, but don't stay in a conversation that is draining. You have the power to walk away. Ahh so freeing. Its amazing to know that you can literally walk away from anyone who doesn't lift you higher or makes you feel less than and you can do it without much of an explanation. Just do what makes you happy and let the rest unravel as it will. You can always still be a great friend but keep your distance if needed. There are plenty of beautiful friends that will cross your path, keep those who you connect to and leave those who don't.

Your soul knows who is lifting you up behind closed doors and who is not. Listen in.

May your heart be at ease, and may a rush of calm energy surround you as you try and figure everything out. Sending you so much peace so that anything weighing heavy on your heart is lifted off of you right now. May you receive the wisdom and guidance to grow through it all. I love you.

Natalie Young

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1 Comment

Dale Berkebile
Dale Berkebile
Sep 04, 2023

Wow! I have been practicing mindfulness for over a decade and feel very aligned with much of what you are sharing here. I practice yoga on an off but trying to build a more consistent practice because I think it would help in many areas that you mentioned and and it would just add fuel to my already strong mindfulness practice. The examples you use in this article and the personal stories you are sharing are powerful examples of connecting to the practice. Maybe one day I will be able to try out one of your classes. Thank you for deeply sharing here to get to know you and your brand better. I wish you much peace, joy, and success in life…

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