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The Big Move

Ahhhh! I have finally arrived on my land in my little camper with my little family. It is wonderful. Really, to wake up with the trees, birds, sun, and all the fresh air is truly magical. Just like I thought it would be but better. I have been a bit worried to fully be out here and leave my old house. Mainly because I wouldn't have a bathtub or a washing machine (I know it sounds silly but bathing is my favorite part of my night routine) and yes that has been a struggle but one that is so so worth it!

Some things have naturally gone wrong, because what is life if things don't go wrong? LOL.

I have been struggling with RSV for a week, and I am finally over it but right when I think it's gone, I get the most painful ear infection. I have been in immense pain the past couple days, my head, neck, back, and mostly my ear. It has never suffered from so much pain.

The tears have come. Anger too. I go to sleep and envision myself waking up healthy, happy, and all the pain is gone. Only to wake up still in pain and not ready to take on the new day. It's confusing cause those manifesting powers I believe I have (& know I have) aren't working right when I want them to work. I remind myself that it took me 3 years to manifest this land. It took me years to manifest my dream studio and It's going to take me a little bit longer to manifest health, but it is on the way.

I have to keep believing I am healthy and I will be.

I am trying, hard.

For one, I haven't been making eating breakfast a priority. I'm just not that hungry but food is fuel! I have to eat. So little wins -- I am eating breakfast again. Even with feeling down I am making the time and making delcious food at that. Last night I casually whipped up spicy fried mushrooms, mac & cheeze, & salty broccoli...watching my man go for seconds made me smile. I agree. So good. But my belly didn't have room for seconds cause a few hours before that I made myself buttery toasted bread with fresh mashed avocado and a peach tomato balsamic glaze.

I smile as a cook and envision myself cooking for others one day. I'd love to own a bakery and yoga studio, even though the back end of doing that sounds like a nightmare. I am manifesting help and ease with that too.

I don't know what the future holds, but I know it's only getting better from here.

As long as I trust that, it will.

I am staying happy NO MATTER WHAT. That is my mission.

I am doing all my normal things even with this crazy ear bubble.

I was hanging upside down teaching yesterday and although it wasn't my best class, I had so much fun. It was just me and my two girlies. Small class -- I've had trouble building up the studio clientele lately. Maybe the holiday months, but I'm not worrying. Worrying doesn't do any good. Although I have no idea how I would ever open a bakery with the income I currently have coming in which is basically nonexistent.

I still trust that it is going to happen & will somehow have a surge of money come my way. It happened with the studio and it will happen again.

You can't stop what's meant for you. And it's my own fault really.

I've spent so much money on gifts for members, teachers, friends, and family but that is truly what brings me joy.

I only supported small business this year and I can't wait to watch all my friends open their handmade gifts.

Money comes and goes and every time I need more it somehow comes to me. Ask & you will receive. Before I got out of my car today, I sent a little prayer up "I don't want to worry financially. Let it be easy." Now I just have to believe. It works almost every time!!!

When you place your trust in the universe things just unfold in the most beautiful way.

"Look at this like placing an order on Amazon. You know that your order is going to arrive. You put in the order to the universe with your thoughts and emotions; trust that it is going to be delivered to you. You wouldn’t worry about how Amazon is going to make the delivery, or what kind of truck they will use to bring your package. You don’t even care how they bring it. You just know and trust that they will. This is the same way you can start to trust the universe. Put in your order with your mind and emotions. Feel it getting ready to happen for you. Feel it entering your life. Feel the delivery on the way. Get as excited as if you were expecting a big delivery.”

Idil Ahmed, Manifest Now

So what I will focus on is have fun with my classes and life and know that more friends are coming. I'm excited to meet them! I have created the most amazing sacred space and it gets better every single day! I have just asked for Christmas for this galaxy light up display for floating sound baths and can't wait til it comes in. Will uplevel the studio in every way. What a cool life. I am so grateful!

Something I'm so excited about is starting my life coaching. I have a few amazing ladies I am about to work with. It will be cool to watch others manifest big dreams and fall in love with themsleves. I've started working with interior design clients. & I am thriving teaching yoga & owning a studio. It really is amazing. All of it. To see these manifestations come to life has my jaw dropped.

The universe just placed it in my lap with such love.

I feeel such love.

I feel so good.

A message to all -- just keep following your gut. Keep smiling. Keep hustling. Keep resting. Keep going. It is all worth it. When you trust, things get bettter. Easier.

When you start to worry or stress, catch yourself and do whatever you can do to reverse your mood. Lets all make that our goal today and every day.

Some things that made me reallllly happy:

-Stevie Jo & Kiefer <3 (FAMILY)

-Loving friendships

-Being creative



-Notepads / writing

-Aerial silks / Yoga practice



-Christmas Trees

-Happy conversations

So much more. I feel so grateful for this life and hope you do too. I hope to see you soon !

Love being on this earth the same time as you.

If you've made it this far, I love you. A lot.


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