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I'm becoming the best version of myself every single day!

It's important to me that when I do something that I'm not proud of or say something that was overboard/not my true self, I have to immediately forgive myself. I am naturally an oversharer, and don't control my mouth as much as I should, but I am working on it.

I can't beat myself up for sharing something that's on my mind or I want to say. I laugh when I do it now like "girl you know better but I know you just love to talk and you do your thing." Talk to yourself like your best friend. All we can do is change our thoughts over time and continue to do better.

It's knowing that every moment is a chance to be and do better. Its knowing that you are constantly in a state of improvement.

Forgiving yourself right away, for big and small things, helps you be that same powerhouse for others. They are late? Forgive. They say something you don't like? Forgive. They do something you don't like? Forgive and move on...unless it is something you need to discuss of course but only you know your heart and what needs to be said and done.

The first thing you need to do is step back and start to see yourself as a bright light. You can decide right now to be beautiful, happy, and full of love. And anytime you step out of that place, you can forgive yourself, and step back into it. Remember that you can have healing, clarity, peace, wisdom, insight, and guidance. Ask for abundance, creativity, and light. Be bold with your request. Be grateful as you ask knowing that it is all on the way to you.

The big shift happens in your life when you stop worrying and start trusting, when you start loving yourself and stop hating yourself, when you start getting serious about your well being instead of not taking care of yourself. You are the only one that can do and be better and you will. It doesn't matter how long it takes to be the "perfect" version of yourself (you are perfect as you are right now) but each moment you are getting better and more full of love if you allow that vibration in.

I've had my eye on some land for a couple years now. We have been saving for it, and wanting it so bad. Its behind my grandparents home, has land, is so charming, and we would share a garden with my grandmama. Its seriously perfect! However, the lady who lives there hasn't said much to us so we decided to open the studio while we wait and of course she's ready now, a month after I open. We aren't financially in a place where we can afford it, so it feels like a bummer. Actually, it felt a bit unaligned. This house that I have been wanting for years finally is available and now we aren't in a spot where it can be ours. What is going on. I have my manifestation boards all over my wall and I write about my dream home often, envisioning this one... and Im still going to. Even though it feels out of reach right now I still have a deep desire to live there and I really do feel it can be mine. I will know the answers soon, but the biggest part for me is to be in a peaceful place no matter what happens.

I am at peace if I get it. I am at peace if I don't get it. I am at peace knowing what is meant for me will be mine. If it's not this house its somewhere better and I fully trust that. I refuse not to. Trusting gives you hope, and hope helps you feel happy. You choose what you want to hold onto. "I'm becoming the best version of myself every day." That is an affirmation that should be repeated daily and engraved into your brain. We are all becoming the best versions of ourselves and I am so proud of us.

My hope for you is that you constantly allow love to be at the base of every thought and that as you move through your days you feel that divine light within you. I love you forever.

Natalie Young

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