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Green Leaves

Dedicated to feeling good.

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Hi y’all,  my name is Natalie! I’m the owner of The Groovy Yoga Studio and a Certified Life Coach! 


I opened this studio with the hopes of having my own little community and it’s so cool to see that coming together!!


I have a little girl named Stevie who is almost 3 and a husband named Kiefer who means the world to me and is the handyman around here :)   


I feel like I’ve been preparing for this space my entire life.  I went to many different high schools (including Burleson my freshman year) but would move a lot and loved meeting new people! We moved to Burleson in 2018 and absolutely love this area.

I’ve been hosting events at my home for years where we do yoga, meditate, and build friendships. I have always wanted a space to host and The Groovy Yoga Studio could not be more perfect. I infused green for grounding, yellow for happiness, and pink for love.

I went to school for interior design (3rd generation interior designer) & 

I’ve made it my life goal to be happy! 

Every day I’m working on my health - mentally, physically, and spiritually - and my goal is to help others work on that too.. together <3  

I go to bed dreaming of guided meditations! 


I’m over our social media account, all the calls / texts / bookings / website , I got a full schedule but I can tell you that it completely fills me up with joy. 

I love this studio and the people who embody it!

I have hired amazing teachers (who are my friends as well) its so cozy and full of love.

I think of this studio as our little escape together. Since I am about to take on the RV lifestyle - I feel even more grateful to have this space to come relax in. 


If I don’t already know you, I hope that I get to know you soon !


& please excuse me if I don’t remember your name ~ I try very hard but my brain only holds so much I’m meeting lots of new people every day ..trying my best! My hope is for us to be close friends so I will definitely be remembering your name soon  thanks for your patience and understanding <3 

Commonly asked questions:

-What are your  hours?
We don't have regular hours, just our class scheduled times. If you would like to check out the studio please give us a call or email and we can set something up!

-What is the weight limit for aerial? 300 lbs! 

-Can my kid come? If your child is old enough to participate in a yoga class and not be distracting then they are more than welcome to join. You will have to come with them if under 13 years old. If over 13 you will have to be present to sign a waiver, but can drop them off. We do offer kids events every now and then (3years old-10 years old) so keep a look out!

-What is the best beginner class? Slow Flow or Rest & Restore is the perfect beginner class! For the silks, Aerial restore or Aerial for Beginners. No experience needed.

-What is your refund policy? For events we ask that you notify us 72 hours in advance. For regular classes, let us know within 12 hours.  Please note, we are a small studio and only have space for 13 mats and 8 silks. If it is a full class we do not credit back but if the class isn't full then we will give a full refund. Thank you for understanding and supporting our small business.

-Do you have mats? Yes! We have everything you will need here. Water fountains, bolsters, blocks, etc. Mats are right outside our door so grab one as you walk in and come relax!

-Where are you located?
Right on Main Street in Crowley! We are under the same roof as Crowley Nutrition. Come get your groove on and then stop next door for a drink :) We are with the big yellow doors. Immediatel
y look right when you walk inside and you will see us! 

-Do you use essential oils / sage?
Yes! We are a studio who uses palo santo, sage, and different essential oils! At the end of class we make lavender towels but you can choose to not have one, however our studio does have a strong scent at times!


Address: 216 E Main Street Suite B
Crowley, TX 76036
Phone: 817-310-888(Text or Call)

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