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The Groovy Yoga Studio

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

I am so excited to be on this earth with you! My name is Natalie. I'm the owner of The Groovy Yoga Studio! I am so eager for our sacred space to be here for us to flow in. We are currently under construction but lots going on behind the scenes. I'm drinking a delicious coffee writing to you and so excited to share with you the story of how we arrived here. Step into the power of manifesting with me...

I love the book "Manifest Now" Its a book I pick up daily and flip to a random page to get inspired. I flipped to a page that was talking about journaling. One of the excersizes is writing down "I will receive good news within the next 24 hours" 100 times every day! I felt called to do it and I received good news EVERY.SINGLE.DAY! From the first day I started to the last. Pen to paper, there is power in that. I had to stop because my wrist gave up. It hurts to write, but instead I say it out loud and repeat it constantly until my wrist brace comes in. There is power in positive thoughts.

The biggest good news was finding a yoga studio. It was interesting how it happened because I had no intentions of having a studio in town. Its been a goal of mine for a few years to live on a bunch of land and have a studio behind my house, like a retreat center kind of thing, but never in town.

Saturday, June 25, 2022 Reigan and I were driving back from a yoga assisting training we did and got on the topic of owning a yoga studio. She says "I would love to have one!" We both agreed our town needed it, so we started flirting with the idea. I said "Lets go look right now!" We drove around bouncing ideas off eachother having the best time dreaming a space up! I saw this cute older house next to downtown Burleson and texted the number hoping it was for rent. A little later I get a text that it was not, but she has an amazing space that would be perfect for a yoga studio, next to a nutrtion shop...and only a 6 minute drive from me. I allowed myself to get excited. I was jumping up and down thanking source. I walked in the next day and felt a bit of dissapointment. There was no wall separating the two spaces. I left and got a call from the landlord saying he would build a wall for me and put two huge doors in. My body was covered in happy chills! "Lets do it!" I said. I jumped on it hot. I met Reigan up there the next day and was going on and on about my ideas. I had planned everything in my head, got the LLC done, we agreed on the Groovy Yoga Studio name, and I felt ready! So, so ready. Every day I had been receving good news and this topped it off. It was like once I gave in and was consistenly happy just where I am knowing all my manifestations will come to me, things got way easier and opportunities started falling in to my lap with ease.

Reigan was getting married the month he needed us to open, and she had a bachelorette trip, and so much on her plate. She didn't think it was a good idea for her right now and I didn't know how i would afford to open without her, but for some reason I just knew it was still going to happen for us. I say us because its not my studio, it is ours. This manifestation wasn't just for me, it is for US. It's our sacred space together. I went home and continued journaling. I wrote down "I receive the yoga studio and I am so happy" 100x. I was teaching a yoga retreat the next week and knew I would be receiving $1000 but it didnt feel like it was enough. My birthday was around the corner..I thought I could maybe gatehr up some cash then too, maybe take out a business loan. I meditated on it, and asked source/God for clarity. "I need to be comftorable money wise going into this. I don't want to struggle."

The next day I got offered $500 off the studio rent.

The day after that I received $7000.

The day after that I received $3000.

If this wasn't a sign to open. I don't know what is.

I smiled so hard. I couldn't stop. I thought "Wow....all these dreams I had about land a studio, its coming, but source/god/universe that higher power up there needed me to wait. This is my life plan right now and Im so eager to fufill it.

The plan was to open August 12 weekend. I was teaching in Flordia for a week and wouldn't even be home when I received the keys. I didn't know why it was happening so fast - it felt very stressful but I trusted it. I didn't have a sitter for a whole month because Stevie hadn't started school yet. I still felt like things would be good though. I didn't want to allow myself to feel the stress so when It came up I would reply to that thought "Great blessings are headed my way!" I stood firm in that. Repeating it daily, writing it down hundreds of times, and allowing it to be my dominate thought. I have never aligned my thoughts so beautifully until this point.

The day before I left to Flordia I went to drop off flyers and found out the city stopped construction because the landlord didn't ask the city, so naturally I had to push the date back. It's been since end of July and we are still waiting to hear. It is September now. Stevie started mothers day out today, and the plans are in final review. If that isnt perfect timing and alignment...what is? When I got back from Flordia I got sick and had ample time to recover. I also had time to get the website ready, forms, all that jazz. I am patient and trusting through it all. Here I am being patient, along with you, and being in this lovely state of trusting everything is going to work out. I cannot wait for our space. I cannot wait to flow with you!

My goal for this next year is to deeply uncondtionally love everyone who walks through the door, to allow my space to be happy and beautiful, to be a inspiration to others and be happy doing it. I always ask "How committed are you to feeling good?" I am deeply committed and have a goal for everyone around me to feel good too.

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