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Life Update:

April 1, 2023

A new month. It's feeling fresh and fun for me. The studio just opened March 16 and we are slowly getting on a calmer role.., my schedule seems to be settling in a lot better which makes me really happy. The beginning was hectic. Something went wrong every day, and there were a few times I let it stress me the floor wasn't complete. We were 7 tiles short and they were all sold out. I was refusing to keep it how it looked with the cork blocks underneath the tv covering the no mat part , but then I just came to terms with it. Now so much time has passed they came back in stock, delivered to us, and they are still just sitting in my front entry. It's last on my mind haha. I have been patiently waiting for many things. Through everything I have allowed myself to have fun and trust it all. It's been such a good feeling to choose not to worry. Because it doesn't do anything. Yes, cry if you need to release in that way, but don't continue to ponder on something when you can be actively changing your vibration so that you are constantly in this mode of receiving blessings. All you have to do is say it "Great blessings are headed my way" over and over. Better yet, write it. Over and over. And say it over and over...til you believe it and its engraved in your mind.

Great Blessings are headed my way.

To see this studio finished and beautiful brings tears... it's so perfect. Every little detail is so full of love. I can't not smile in the space. And getting to know people on the daily.. It's my favorite. I love getting to do what I love. I love getting to teach but at the same time I am learning so much. Every day I am YouTubing new yoga flows and aerial tricks. I am a new aerial teacher. I have been practicing for 4 years but I have never taught a full class, just at the park with friends. I always knew I would. And it's really cool to see me step into the role happily. I remember when I first became a yoga teacher and every class my voice would shake, and I would feel nervous. I did it so many times that my nerves went away. I still get them from time to time, but I am able to shake it off easier now. And now I just know that this is the start of something really good. I am still learning and will continue to learn. I use my energy to trust that I am exactly where I'm meant to be in life and my teaching journey. I feel confident about that.

I'm not so confident in the busy-ness of life. I really wanted to move to the country on a big plot of land, but instead I opened a business. Lol. God had other plans. I am enjoying the ride but I am sleepy. Mentally because I have so much to do and a lot of it I don't want to taxes, cleaning my house, and adult stuff you know what I mean. I am tired...I'm sure we all are. Life is busy, hectic, and lots of sad things are happening every day. It's difficult to tune back into your own energy and mentally stay happy. Even though I have made it my goal every day to have fun some days it feels too hard to do that. I just want to sit in the blah ness. I try not to focus so much on those stressful parts unless I'm going to do something about them because then I'm just stressing for no reason but its hard not to. I try to come back to that affirmation "Great blessings are headed my way" every time I do feel that stress come up.

Recently at the studio when I'm doing a yoga practice and I can hear the blender next door I initially get annoyed but then I just smile / laugh. Like how would I ever let a little noise bring my energy down? That is pathetic if I think about it too hard.

I let a blender sound annoy me? Something that makes delicious drinks? It actually helps me reflect to a moment of gratitude and appreciation for the blender and the ability that smoothies are so easily available to us. What a life.

I haven't journaled in a while, but my life coach gave me this great advice to write down what you are going through and then how you would solve it / give yourself the most loving advice.

My house is messy

Advice: Don't feel like cleaning? Then don't. There will be a time when you do want to clean soon. Ask for it. Remember that time you asked and the next morning you deep cleaned the whole house. You got this. Every day is brand new and you will get the energy to do it.

I want to make my husband feel more loved by me

Advice: Keep doing what your doing + some. Give him twice the amount of kisses, twice the amount of hugs, and twice the amount of compliments. Meet his 5 love languages, maybe one a week, or whatever you have time for, but definitely make the time to remind him how special he is.

I want my acne to clear up

Advice: Continue with a skin care routine that feels good for you and pray over your skin. Don't worry so much about it. Temporary.

I don't understand why bad things happen

Advice: Nobody does. It's okay to be sad about it. You are an emotional being made up of so much magic. Try and focus on your own world and go from there. Send love and prayers when you wish but don't focus to hard upon it because there is nothing you can do.

Lots of love and light. Always here for you. Love you!

-Natalie Young

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